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Wood-Fired Maple Syrup

Why Wood-Fired Maple Syrup?

Evaporating our maple syrup over a wood fire is not the easiest way to concentrate sap... but we feel strongly that it’s the best. It is the traditional manner which has been used for hundreds of years, as well as being sustainable and carbon neutral. It also forces us to spend more time in our woods, culling diseased trees, maintaining our trails, and observing the health and beauty of our sugarbush throughout the year. We love working in the forest while creating the biomass fuel necessary to produce our syrup, and the fact that it is good for the environment is just syrup on the flapjacks. That, and we (along with many others) firmly believe that it just tastes better!

Where do we grow?

Amongst the foothills of the Worcester Range, where the headwaters funnel into the Catamount Brook, lies the Rugged Ridge Forest. The soils are steep and stony and good for little other than growing the native red and sugar maples on which Vermonters have come to depend. By buying this product you are not only supporting a sustainably managed forest, but also the men and women of north central Vermont during a time of year when the ice and mud of spring thaw make it difficult to do much else!

Not Just for Flapjacks Anymore!

Maple Syrup is an all natural sweetener with a rich, complex flavor unique to itself. Its’ only ingredient is pure maple sap from which the sugars are concentrated into thick, rich syrup. While it is commonly associated with pancakes, we and many other Vermonters use it as a sugar substitute in just about everything! Use it to marinate meats and vegetables, thicken jams and jellies, dress salads, and to sweeten tea, coffee, baked goods, or anywhere else you might otherwise consider using sugar or honey! Bear in mind that syrup is about one third water, so in sensitive baking recipes consider one third of its volume to take the place of any other liquids. With that in mind, experiment with confidence!

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