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A Small Farm Crafting the Best Wood-Fired, Organic, Pure, Vermont Maple Syrup

Delivering value to your family, restaurant, or store.

Why Wood-Fired Maple Syrup?

Evaporating our maple syrup over a wood fire is not the easiest way to concentrate sap... but we feel strongly that it’s the best. It is the traditional manner which has been used for hundreds of years, as well as being sustainable and carbon neutral. It also forces us to spend more time in our woods, culling diseased trees, maintaining our trails, and observing the health and beauty of our sugarbush throughout the year. We love working in the forest while creating the biomass fuel necessary to produce our syrup, and the fact that it is good for the environment is just syrup on the flapjacks. That, and we (along with many others) firmly believe that it just tastes better!

Taste the Difference!

An Excellent Value!


We love our Business2Business partners and look forward to making Rugged Ridge Forest your farm direct source for the best Organic, Wood-fired Maple Syrup.  Standing orders, drop shipments, co-packing, or freight deliveries, we look forward to working with you with the agility of our small business!

Give Josh a call at 802-881 2637 or email us at and we will sharpen the pencil and hook you up!

International Customers

If you would like to buy our wood-fired maple syrup, but live in another country, email Josh at with your request.  Within 24 hours we will present our shipping options for your consideration via email.

International Distributor?  We look forward to  hearing from you!

1(802) 881-2637
688 Elmore Rd, Worcester, Vermont, 05682

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