Gallon of Maple Syrup - Wood-Fired and Organic

Gallon of Maple Syrup - Wood-Fired and Organic

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This is our best deal on Rugged Ridge's, all-natural, single ingredient, Wood-Fired, Organic, Pure Vermont Maple Syrup!! Our gallon jug, although less elegant than our beautiful glassware, offers utilitarian practicality that is great for commercial consumers of our syrup and big families alike! We price our gallons extremely competitively. Even compared against conventional and oil-fired syrups, you will notice Rugged Ridge’s wood-fired organic goodness is offered at a tremendous value. The plastic jug makes it easier and cheaper to ship, requiring less packing material, and it does not have to be double boxed. It is resistant to drops and easier to handle in a hectic commercial kitchen. Although you cannot see our lovely syrup through the jug, rest assured it is filled with the same, beautiful, rich mapley goodness you'd find in any Rugged Ridge jar.

Many restauranteurs wonder how to make premium maple syrup work for their breakfast and brunch menus. We have found what works best is to offer real Vermont, organic, wood-fired maple syrup as an add on to your pancake, waffle, and general breakfast menu. We’ve found what works in our neck of the woods, around north-central Vermont, is to offer 2 oz of syrup in a small stainless steel condiment cup for a modest $1.95-$2 upcharges. This allows you to turn a $49 gallon of syrup into $128 dollars of income for your restaurant. With an opportunity to multiply your investment threefold, just like that, why not offer your customers the best?

Every try maple syrup mixed with ketchup on your home fries? You're welcome!

Spread it on thick!

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