Wood-Fired Maple Syrup - Half Pint Grade Sampler
Wood-Fired Maple Syrup - Half Pint Grade Sampler
Wood-Fired Maple Syrup - Half Pint Grade Sampler
Product image 1Wood-Fired Maple Syrup - Half Pint Grade Sampler
Product image 2Wood-Fired Maple Syrup - Half Pint Grade Sampler
Product image 3Wood-Fired Maple Syrup - Half Pint Grade Sampler

Wood-Fired Maple Syrup - Half Pint Grade Sampler

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Unsure which grade you prefer?  Try a sample of our Wood-Fired Organic, Pure Vermont Maple Syrup in each one of our grades, Dark Color Robust Flavor, Amber Color Rich Flavor, & Golden Color Delicate Flavor and save vs. ordering the three grades separately!  Rest assured that every syrup we bottle tastes delicious and is free from off flavors, and laced with our subtle Wood-Fired je ne sais quois that sets us apart from other producers.

Sometimes when recommending grades, we use this three question test we've developed after years of talking grade and flavor with our customers:

Do you like Spicy foods?  Maple syrup is not hot and spicy… but people who like spicy foods generally like stronger flavors.  For those folks, we recommend the Robust Flavor of our Dark and Robust syrup.

Do you enjoy a variety of flavors, but with medium to moderate intensity?  Amber and Rich syrup is smooth and flavorful, but not strong or overpowering!

Do you have relatively simple tastes, and maybe grew up eating alot of french fries and grilled cheese?  No judgement here! Golden and Delicate syrup will impart the perfect sweetness without surprising your tongue with too much mapley goodness.

A note on grades and our process:  We grade every one of our barrels and all of our syrup is properly graded when it leaves our facility.  Every batch of syrup has its own distinct hue, and the grades are cut off at a very fine line in color, some of our darker amber syrup will look awfully similar to our lighter dark syrup, conversely our darker golden syrup might be close to a lighter amber syrup.  We do not blend for color homogeneity with our small batch process.  In fact, the majority of our syrup comes from a single barrel source, we usually only blend barrels of the same grade when we are doing big runs of gallon jugs.  For that reason please forgive the variances within the grade and the fact that there is a chance it may be hard to distinguish one grade from another without a special light box and sampling jars.  Rest assured all of our syrup tastes delicious and is properly graded, and we know you will enjoy tasting the subtle differences between batches and grades.  We do not bottle any syrup that we are not proud of!

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