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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I store maple syrup?

Our Maple Syrup is hot canned in our jars and jugs, and we guarantee its freshness unopened for three years!  Though you should probably consume it faster than that.  After opening, we recommend storing it in your freezer for up to a year, in your fridge for up to three months, and out on the table for three weeks.  Often keeping a gallon in the freezer and topping off a smaller container left out is a good strategy for preserving freshness, or warming it on your stove before drizzling over your pancakes.

If mold does form, you can filter the mold out through a screen strainer and reboil the syrup.  This miraculously restores freshness!   But you shouldn't let mold form in the first place, there's no reason to waste Vermont Gold!

Which Grade of Syrup Will I like Best?

Do you like Spicy foods?  Maple syrup is not hot and spicy… but people who like spicy foods generally like stronger flavors.  For those folks, we recommend the Robust Flavor of our Dark and Robust syrup.

Do you enjoy a variety of flavors, but with medium to moderate intensity?  Amber and Rich syrup is smooth and flavorful, but not strong or overpowering!

Do you have relatively simple tastes, and maybe grew up eating alot of french fries and grilled cheese?  No judgement here! Golden and Delicate syrup will impart the perfect sweetness without surprising your tongue with too much mapley goodness.

They are all great, and variety is the spice of life, but when narrowing down your choices, this is a great place to start.  Or order one of each and determine for yourself!  We are quite confident you won't hate any of them!

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