Wholesale Case of Quarts - Maple Syrup (12/case)

Wholesale Case of Quarts - Maple Syrup (12/case)

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At $22.91 a unit, signed, sealed, and delivered, these wholesale cases allow you to get your hands on a volume of our product quickly and easily. Wholesale rates are great for group gift-giving, holidays, events, stocking the shelves of your retail store, or enabling that maple habit without breaking the bank! Spread it on thick and enjoy it on just about everything!

Our quart of wood-fired, organic maple syrup fits nicely in the fridge, but doesn't go empty after just one Sunday brunch!  After many a hearty meal, when you find your way to the bottom of this generous portion of syrup, the bottle is excellent for bulk kombucha or presenting cut flowers!  A quart of syrup is sure to last even the biggest families through many a delicious meal, so give it away with the confidence of knowing that it will be thoroughly enjoyed and your generosity will be savored and appreciated!

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