Half Pint of Maple Syrup - Wood-Fired And Organic

Half Pint of Maple Syrup - Wood-Fired And Organic

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These beautiful, quaint half pints, filled with wood-fired, organic, pure Vermont maple syrup make excellent gifts. They are perfectly sized as stocking stuffers and perfectly priced to give away to groups, whether as party favors at a wedding or bar/bat mitzvah or to give out around the office during the holidays. They are also perfect for people on the go, stuff one in your purse or glove compartment to ensure you never have to settle for Aunt Jemima’s on your rest stop flapjacks again! Once the jar is empty, reuse it to store tinctures and other valuable liquids, or refill it with syrup from the fridge, but keep it out on the table so you don’t cool your flapjacks with chilled syrup. Enjoy!
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